What is a smart wallet? Most people, if not all, can attest to a point in their lives when they forgot their wallet in a public joint or a subway train. Sometimes people cannot even recall where they last placed this valuable item and other times people are mugged and the wallets stolen. Misplacing a wallet can be utterly frustrating. As such, fitting a wallet with GPS seems as an appropriate approach to avert all the possibilities of misplacing the item. An individual can link the wallet to their smartphone hence enabling easy tracking through the GPS system.

Features and functions

This fascinating wallet with GPS has interesting features that help optimize its usefulness. For starters, the wallet normally operates on two modes namely the normal mode and the lost mode. The normal mode works when the proximity and whereabouts of the pouch are known. On the other hand, the lost mode kicks into action whenever the wallet is missing in action.

Linking the smart wallet with the smartphone enables for notifications to be sent to the phone when the wallet is left behind or separated from the phone. The notification is often loud enough to sensitize the owner when something is wrong with either one of the two items. (https://youtu.be/3D7sxHKZ6rQ?t=8)

Another pertinent feature in the smart wallet is the inbuilt camera. When the pouch is stolen, thus switching to the lost mode, the camera captures the image of the individual who opens the wallet. The image is then immediately sent to the linked smartphone. Whereas the GPS system makes the smart wallet very easy to track, the camera assists in identifying the mugger involved.

It is clear that the smartphone is a crucial component for the smart wallet. Nonetheless, it is inevitable that sometimes the smartphone also goes missing. In such instances, the smart wallet comes in handy with features that help to track the missing phone. Even when the phone is in the stealthiest of modes, it can be found by pressing the smart wallet twice which triggers the phone to ring even in its silent mode.

Smart wallet benefits On the outside, the wallet with GPS will appear like any other traditional pouch. It is sleek in design, stylish and made of leather. As such, it is difficult for a thief to suspect that it has electronic features in it. Secondly, thanks to the GPS, the ease of finding this wallet cannot be overemphasized. With the help of the smartphone, it is very easy to track the missing pouch by calling it. Additionally, the

location system helps prevent losing the wallet or leaving it behind. The integration between the wallet and the phone prompts a notification to be sent to the phone whenever the two items are separated by distance.

The smart wallet is also extremely safe especially when it comes to safeguarding cards such as the ATM. With a protective coating in the wallet, it is possible to block RFID signals hence circumventing the scanning and theft of personal data.

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